Flour Overview for Bakers

Flour Overview for Bakers

Being able to mill small batches of different wheat varieties and then really appreciate the wonderful variations in taste and performance of the unique flours is one of the great advantages of traditional milling on a small scale.

Here is a brief description of each of the flours we are producing. All our flours are stoneground from organic grains supplied by certified organic growers or grain merchants. They contain only products of the whole grain, we do NOT INCLUDE any additives, baking ‘improvers’ or extra gluten.

1. Wholemeal bread making… We  are presently milling the wheat variety Doubleshot, grown in the UK and with a protein content of 11.2%. Routinely we mill quite finely but can produce a coarser flour on request.

2. Welsh Grown Grain…This season we are milling a winter wheat grown in Aberystwyth, a modern variety, Nelson. It produces a soft wholemeal and makes excellent scones, soda bread and cakes. With the addition of about 20% strong white flour it produces a very tasty loaf.

We are also milling  a heritage wheat variety, April Bearded. Grown at Fronlas near Trelech, this heritage wheat has milled to produce a soft wholemeal flour with a flaky bran and full ‘wheaty’ flavour.  (See the Welsh Grain Forum facebook page for photos.)

Also grown in Trelech is a 1930’s variety, kamagra vs viagra Atle, milling to produce a soft white flour.

3. Wholemeal English Wheat…  grown by Howard
Roberts in Hammonds End Farm, Harpenden. This year we are milling Doubleshot (protein content 11.2%).

We are using both of Doubleshot and Nelson to produce our…

4. White flour, not ‘super’ strong but bakes a nice loaf with a lovely flavour.

5. Semolina and Bran…from the sieving process to make the white, so English Doubleshot and our local Nelson.


6. Wholemeal Spelt…milled from grain (variety Alkor) from Howard Roberts.

7. Wholemeal Rye flour…milled from grain (variety Capitan) from Howard Roberts. This grain is producing a softer rye  flour than we have done in the past with a distinctive, large, flaky bran.

8. Triticale Flour ( not currently available)… Locally grown for us, Triticale is a wheat/ rye hybrid, bred about a hundred years ago to incorpotrate the best agronomic characteristics of both its parents. The resulting grain has a higher protein content than other many other grains. It produces a fine wholemeal flour which has a stronger, nuttier flavour than wheat. In bread making it handles rather more like rye than wheat.http://www.bakerpedia.com/topic/title/triticale_flour.html

9. Wholemael Barley Flour (only very small quantities).Naked barley from the project at Bangor University mills to produce a delicious, sweet flour which has made interesting loaves, cakes and biscuits.

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