Moelifor grain harvest 2019
  1. Very local winter wheat (the modern variety Skyfall) grown by John Evans at our neighbouring farm, Moelifor. A full grain which mills to produce a soft, tasty wholemeal and a fine white flour. (Not organically certified but grown with minimal inputs.)

 2. Hen Gymro wheatHen Gymro  (Old Welshman) is a landrace wheat historically grown extensively in this area up until the 1930s. As part of the Welsh Grain Forum we have been working with Andy Forbes of Brockwell Bake London to rebuild stocks of this wheat and bring it back into circulation. It grows well in organic conditions and yields even in our less than ideal conditions. Mills to give a tender wholemeal with flaky bran and excellent flavour. Currently it is being curated and grown by Mark Lea at Green Acres Farm , Shifnal,Shropshire. This season’s crop is the Welsh Grain Forum Composite. (Analysis 13.77% protein, specific weight 82.5kg, Hagberg 247) Out of stock until new season

 3. Yeoman winter wheat, bred in 1916 this is a cross between the British squarehead wheat Browick and the Canadian hard wheat Red Fife. This crop has been grown organically at Green Acres Farm in Kemberton where farm diaries show it being grown in 1936. It grows well and mills to produce an aromatic flour which bakes delicious loaves. (Analysis 11.36%, specific weight 81.6kg, Hagberg 338)

  4. Maris Widgeon, regarded as the last of the great British long straw wheats it was bred in 1964 and, whilst in demand as thatching straw, was unable to match the yields  of the more modern wheat varieties. When grown organically it comes into it’s own and bakes wonderfully, again grown by Mark Lea, Green Acres Farm. (Analysis 10.41% protein, specific weight 81.8kg, Hagberg 320)

  5. Rye, Elego (Analysis 9.34% protein, specific weight 78.6kg, Hagberg 220) 2021 harvest from Green Acres Farm.

6. Millers Choice, (Analysis 12.19% protein, specific weight 80.4kg, Hagberg 153) Again from Mark and Liz Lea at Green Acres Farm.
Developed by Andy Forbes and John Letts this wheat is a mixture of old long straw land races that included Red Lammas and Squarehead type wheats. It’s been colour sorted to prioritise the Lammas and increase milling quality and flavour making it close to the classic English Tudor wheat of the 17th and 18th centuries. Out of stock

7. Coppice Blend, Developed by Mark and Liz Lea at Green Acres Farm. A blend of the best milling wheats grown on the farm over the last 40 years, each contributing to wide in-field diversity and depth of flavour whilst retaining modern baking functionality.

8. Olands Spring Wheat, prized in Denmark and Sweden, this heritage wheat originates from the island of Oland off the south east coast of Sweden. This crop has been grown biodynamically at Hungary Lane Farm in Sutton Bonnington, Leicestershire.

9. Spelt, Grown biodynamically at Hungary Lane Farm, Sutton Bonnington

List updated 30.6.22 we are regularly test milling a range of different grains, please contact us for more details.